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Emotional, Boredom, Stress and Mindless Eating Webinar

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  • Are you stuck in isolation and all you can think about is food?
  • Are you beating yourself up from giving into your sugar cravings every day?
  • Are you finding yourself heading to the fridge every 5 minutes even though you know you’re not hungry?
  • Are you struggling to deal with the unknown and eating makes you feel better?
  • Are you sick of overeating and feeling sick afterwards?

If you eat your emotions, drink your emotions or avoid your emotions, this virtual webinar is for you!

By purchasing this product you get access to the replay of the 3 hour webinar even though the date and time below has passed.

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For the first time ever, renowned Australian media dietitian and nutritionist Leanne Ward is offering her exclusive one time emotional, boredom, stress and mindless eating webinar for only $29AUD! That is about $18USD and  17EURO!

This is a one-time offer which will never be repeated! It is purely to help her tribe of loyal followers get through these tough times in isolation.

Topics Covered

During the webinar, you will hear her expert tips around non-hungry eating and why we eat when we’re not truly hungry. You will learn the different types of hunger and how to distinguish between them. Leanne will also teach you her tried and tested tips (with thousands of clients) to: stop eating when you’re not truly hungry, to remove the restriction from food, to identify your hunger in the moment, to plan a successful eating routine, to nourish your emotions not your tummy and how to “HALT” successfully in any moment. At the end of the webinar, Leanne answers questions from listeners of the live stream for the final 30 minutes.


Format: The live webinar has now concluded, but if you purchase this product you will get access to the replay of the 90 minute webinar. The replay is accessible world wide as many times as you wish.

Duration: 90 minutes

Webinar Slides: A PDF handout of the webinar slides will be emailed to you after purchase.

10 reviews for Emotional, Boredom, Stress and Mindless Eating Webinar

  1. Keryn Wydra (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the webinar and have listened to it again since. It was well presented and offered lots of great strategies to assist me overcome my mindless and emotional eating. Leanne’s explanation on the types of eating is easy to understand and remember and her strategies are well explained. Thank you Leanne.

  2. Hayley Bilsborow (verified owner)

    Amazing i love it lots of great reminders and tops, its a must watch 🙂

  3. Allahn Lloyd (verified owner)

    Do yourself a favour and listen to this webinar if you thing your relationship with food needs some love and attention! Leanne provides logical, easy to understand and manageable strategies to start improving how to distinguish the different types of hunger, how to HALT and be mindful when eating food. A refreshing outlook on the long game of a healthy eating lifestyle without restricting the foods you love, just truly appreciating them in small amounts. Thank you Leanne for this podcast and all the effort you put into your social media to help us continually grow and improve our food relationship. xx

  4. Jazmin Beveridge (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the webinar. I had so many ah huh moments and I have so many tools for my toolkit now. It was basic enough to start with making changes right now but also so much knowledge to take away from the webinar.
    I am so grateful for having the opportunity to watch the webinar and I can’t wait to start on this powerful journey of healing my relationship with food.
    I know it will take time but I can’t wait to finally find freedom with food and live my best balanced life.
    Leanne, you are inspiring, kind and knowledgeable.

  5. Bailey James (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this webinar and felt like Leanne spoke about unique solutions that I had never thought of or heard before. I’ve been an emotional eater for years and found the information very helpful. I’ve already gone back and watched it a second time so I don’t miss anything! Definitely worth watching for anyone who finds themselves eating out of boredom, stress, or emotions, etc.

  6. Renee de Prat i Pont (verified owner)

    After recommending Leanne to several of my friends, who are also struggling with mindless eating, none of us was at all disappointed with this very professional webinar that felt like a personalised individual consultation for each of us. It was presented in not only a knowledgeable and helpful way, but also done with warmth and relatability. We all were impressed with her sound and doable strategies to help us go forward.

  7. Tanja Oomen (verified owner)

    Leanne is an awesome and inspirational dietitian, I love how she explains everything is so clear and her tips are very practical. Tip: also listen to her podcasts because they are awesome with every week an other topic. I love listening to it during a walk with my dog. And this webinar is amazing! I can definitely use some of the strategies myself, so many people struggle with head hunger and this webinar gives so much AHA moments. Definitely recommend this webinar for people who struggle with their head hunger!

  8. Lizzy Parsons (verified owner)

    This webinar was so informative and it’s the first time I’ve actually had an explanation for my ‘head hunger’….I felt like I was alone in this! A real eye opener to my eating habits, I can’t believe how much of it was related to me and how great I now know how to combat it! Thank you!! I’ve been on a weight loss journey with my own awesome local nutrition coach over the past 6 months and I’ve honestly felt the best I have in years thanks to this approach to eating and exercise! It’s also changed my state of mind! I know my nutrition coach (who was also in this webinar) told me it was a lifestyle change I just didn’t realise how much….and how much I would benefit from it! The perfection part of the webinar was so good too as you are right we are all human and we can’t be perfect all the time and often that negative cycle starts when our perfection crown slips and we feel guilty which is ridiculous! Also the success infographic….so true!! ‘Mouth hunger’ will take some practice but at least I know where to start now! Thank you!! 💗

  9. Teah (verified owner)

    This webinar was amazing! It presented the struggles most of us have when trying to listen to our bodies and eat intuitively. Then gave everyone these amazing strategies to help us tackle emotional/bored eating and start gaining back control of our eating habits. Thank you so much, definitely will be using these strategies in my daily routine.

  10. sophie.woods (verified owner)

    A MUST WATCH- whether you are a Dietetics student (like myself) or someone who struggles with mindless eating – you will get a lot of value out of the webinar! You can have all the strategies and knowledge about how to mindfully eat, but Leanne details how to break the cycle of auto pilot eating which a lot of people struggle with. I look forward to sharing these strategies with my clients. Thank you Leanne!

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